Two friends at the water cooler

There's plenty in this life to fret and complain about, but if you have one weird friend you can laugh and be weird with, you're doing all right. Thanks for stopping by! Laugh. Be weird. Be well. 💗 Michele I hope my song selection, This Life by Useful Jenkins, makes you smile. 😁 Enjoy the …

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Snooze Button

My Monday morning spirit animal. 😴 ⏰🥱 Annoying alarm clock interrupted my mermaid dream. 🧜🏻‍♀️ Enjoy your week! Happy dreaming. ✨ Michele my image from La Jolla, California © 2023 MyInspiredLife

That’s a wrap

If you’re still waiting for a special Santa delivery, your time may have come and gone; from the looks of him, I believe his work is done. 🎅🏻 🏖️ my photo, Solana Beach, CA © 2022 MyInspiredLife

Unwrapped (flash fiction)

Christmas Eve encore post The sadness that began in her core was now undulating through her body. Spreading slowly, like lava, it invaded every nerve, cell, and vein contained within her frame. She tried to outrun the feeling by filling up her day with distractions… a donation drop-off, lunch with a colleague, a cocktail with …

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Easily Entertained (poem & video)

For a stretched moment we are not our voices discussing         aging parents,            men,               kids,                  politics,                     and relationships we are not our choices that leave us         pondering,            questioning,               understanding,                  revising,                     and releasing we are who we’ve always been – playful spirits hushed by life’s demands we found each other again – laughing at life’s silly shit …

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Roam Free

I drank from a water fountain that quenched me as a kid. Much lower to the ground than I remember. (The fountain, not me!) circa late 70s, early 80s... Small hands released warm water gurgles that thirsty mouths slurped up. Impatient voices from the sweaty line behind shouted, “Hurry Up!” We were little squirmy gerbils …

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Let’s Do Diga Diga Doo

Grow old together? This suggestion I’d rather not consider. Grow old alone; I could manage just fine. In love I’d rather grow young. Having completed decades of “to dos” – to playful mischief let’s say “I do.” Let’s put on our Sunday best for no reason at all and through the park, take a stroll, …

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His Hands

His hands sparked a fire that changed the horizon feet that once stumbled in the darkness made swift and spirited by the glow cast from red hot sparks His hands built ovens that pumped air and purified ore a lone artist on the edge of civilization he transformed blazing metal into purposeful and beautiful His …

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Sirious Crush (follow-up)

My Mr. Siri has developed a new and annoying habit the last few weeks. He pretends to not hear me when I ask him a question. "Hey, Siri. Hey, Siri. HEY, SIRI!" He must be watching a game. 🙄 Maybe I need to put on a cheerleading costume and shake my poms poms to get …

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Summer Shorts

Welcome to a sampling of my "shorts." Any excuse to scroll through images of tanned beach men. 😂 My Saturday Shorts began as a place to share random short lines that flood my mind. I hope you enjoy my shorts! Be well. 💗 Michele My Shorts: Saturday Shorts Saturday Shorts - Writing Saturday Shorts - …

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