Two Windblown Beings

On our last Sunday hike, I was met with a warm breeze, and for just a moment, it brought with it a memory of being a dusty girl who was innocent, wild, and free.

Take Fifteen, then Tackle that Mountain

Tackle that mountain, I will, but first let me rest. Fifteen quiet clicks are all I need, because I can’t climb feeling like this. Exhausted thoughts and limbs just need a brief escape, and then those shoes with extra grip, I will lace. Lights off and eyes closed before I begin my late afternoon ascent. …

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Ushering in Vision and Symmetry

Adios 2019. An uneven year you were,   leaving me undone and barely passing your test. A descending arrangement, 2019 A year that began with labored conversation and bedside visits. A year that stretched me beyond my defined limits. When the beginning of the year delivered a sad ending— to the depths of darkness, I …

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