Sidewalk Conversations (audio poems)

Last week’s post, a poetic story of a lady who learned to embrace admiration, was (mostly) fictional. In this post, I share two true tales of conversations I had with two men, separated by ten years and over 100 miles. Both conversations were brief, but each taught me the value of being aware, of listening, …

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Through My Daughter’s Eyes

If you are an artist, you might see yourself in my piece about an artist finding her way. However you choose to express yourself in this world, I hope my post inspires you to listen to your inner guidance and to walk your own path. If you have the most important charge of parenting or …

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Our Poems and Prints on Display

I hope your week is off to a healthy and happy start. I have some fun news to share and did not want to wait until my devoted post day - Saturday. Yesterday I visited the West Valley Art Museum, a local gallery that just opened a new exhibit, “Treasures of the West Valley.” The …

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Exciting News to Share!

No, it is not Saturday, but I have some exciting news to share. Our second Being a Woman poetry collection is now available! Wait, there’s more … the first collection, Being a Woman – Overcoming is now available as an eBook. I have been busy creating options for your woman-poetry-reading-palette. Poem from Being a Woman …

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Early Morning Whispers

Whispers from an Early Morning Angel ~ a Poem by Michele Lee Sefton Feelings of love and fragmented visions. I knew you before I met you. Little Angel Spirit, introducing your intentions before you took your first breath.