Punk Scene and Desert Serene

This life is full of stressors that make us want to scream. I sort most of that out during my treasured morning meditation that offers me connection and peace. But how much freer my mind would be if I could disturb the peace and add to my release with an unfiltered scream? How much more …

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Giving Thanks

Thank you for sharing your gifts and showing up in the way that you do โ€“ as uniquely you! From my kitchen and with a grateful heart, to you and yours, I offer warm regards. ๐Ÿ’— Michele Lee image: my almond mocha cake (before I ate a slice) ๐Ÿ˜‹

Music, Movement, and a Mosh Pit (video & verse)

A slightly stoopid poem Walking the same road taken when heading to my first show. A sneaky teen, I was, but my choices were void of malicious intent. I was just a loyal follower, drawn to his rhythm, his lyrics, and his British accent. Solitary confinement was my due punishment. I am all grown up …

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Inspiring Storytellers

Me and Walt Richardson saying hello after a show. If you read my September post, โ€œLetโ€™s Sip and Chat about This and That,โ€ you know I am someone who prefers listening to music, writing, and photography over watching t.v., especially the news the last few months, but I have tuned in enough to know that …

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Beauty and Unity Revealed (audio poem)

"Beauty and Unity Revealed" Audio Version What has the potential to unite humanity? What brings people together in a world where some benefit from keeping the masses unsettled and separate? Art, and its many splendid forms Was the answer revealed And one that has and will continue to be A unifier, even if, on the …

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She Weaves Color with Stardust

I am fortunate to have two visual artists in my life who lose themselves in their art and help others see where the expected ends and the imagination begins. One is my daughter, an art and technology major, and the other, is a former coworker and cherished friend. Both inspire me, every week if not …

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