Find Your Rhythm

Leave the safe shore, trust your strength, and engage your core. Listen to your intuition and know that you are supported. Enjoy your own company. Enjoy the process. ✌🏻 ~Michele my image, Solana Beach, California © 2023 MyInspiredLife

He sketched Her ~ II (flash fiction)

She had enough of his relentless demands; one deal barely closed before he expected more. She needed a break, she needed to breathe. He said he’d return quickly with the next sales lead. She quietly told him to “Fuck off,” then she slammed through a side door. Modern metal smacking historical brick. The building exhaled …

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Deliberate Decisions

The decisions of a few have angered the masses The decisions of millions are altering the planet Life is a delicate balance - a series of individual choices With outcomes sometimes decided by others "With our equal rights and justice, it's unattainable, just like our future if we don't live sustainable. Money and privilege can …

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In Balance and Beauty, I want to Believe

Symmetry and perfect vision are writing themes that began my year – represented by four numbers that appeared, when 2019 rang a final chime. Four numbers, marking a new decade, that I have written several times. I write the first two familiar digits, then my fingers hesitate. Holding my pen, or resting on keys, my …

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