Spread Your Wings

What do you want to do today? I don't know, what do you want to do? I don't know, whatever you want to do. We should try out that fish place everyone's been talking about. I don't know, I don't feel like fish today. What do you feel like? I don't know, we should try …

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Odd One Out

These two won't let me change the channel. Waves, waves, waves... that's all they want to watch. 🙄 ✌🏻🌊😁 ~Michele my image Solana Beach, California © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Launching pad

Opinions scribbled on stones, impossible to read when you're flying with your eyes toward the sun. Tossed-about opinions erased by the elements. 🌅✌🏻 -Michele my image, Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Soft Landing

I will encourage you to fly and cheer you on when you choose to soar. I will ask the changing winds to grant you gentle favors. When you need a companion, I will spread my wings and fly with you. When your wings grow weary and need a rest, I will be your soft landing. …

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Flying Home (poem & photos)

The one slow to step returned to the state where she drew her first picture and her first breath. I am here ready with open arms – the same arms that she fell into after taking her first step. The one slow to step was ready to fly away, but in my arms, extended from …

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Becoming Empty (life essay & live music)

Nature had a way of gently helping me with an emotional situation before I knew I needed help… I watched a mourning dove dart away from the top of our back porch pillar and return countless times over the course of several days. Each time he (that’s right) returned with a twig, string, or other …

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