Speak Directly, Please and Thank you

Directly speaking, I have great respect for those who can be direct. It elevates communication and is an admirable gift to mankind, when one can speak their mind and state their truths while holding emotions in check. Friendly exchanges, chit chat, laughter, and play have their place, but if one needs to deliver an important …

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A Note to Nina and Betty

Why it took me searching for a protest song over eight years ago to find you, Nina Simone, I will never know. Of course, I know the answer to my rhetorical question. Your absence from musical rotations and from historical discussions (and from acceptance into the Institute of Music in Philadelphia in the 1950s) is …

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Being a Woman calls for a Celebration!

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Let Us Honor the Women – 19th Amendment

Let us honor the women Who fought boldly For Women’s Right to Vote What was long denied Should have been a right Granted to All Americans Unanimously and instantly With the sweep of one pen Instead, the fate of a new nation Initially given to only white men Causing fractures and dissention And years of …

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Blood Builds a Bond (audio poem)

I am sharing a poem that I wrote while teaching British Literature, specifically, Beowulf. When teaching the Old English epic poem, (like most teachers teaching this poem) I required my students to write and read aloud an original “Boast.” Their poem needed to be written in similar format to the translated version, it needed to …

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