Roses and Torches (w/video)

57 Hours Jet set window seat redneck t-shirt armchair neighbor Row P Space 113 start it up link up feel the love binge watching fashion critiquing couch conversations roadtrip to Portland friends laughing remembering and smiling dancing and singing fire-escape moon enchanting blooms highway matcha porch sweeping twirling and stretching artist hostess hardworking fluffy cats …

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Candy Apple Red

There she goes bumping down the road wrapped in candy apple red Silverado short bed windows down, music up blond lift held with Aqua Net Nice truck! more than one said not talking wheels, I suspect She complements her spring birth month bull strength and stubbornness She’s no bull in a china shop though with …

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Her Cottage by the Sea (audio excerpt)

She squeezed her eyes tighter, but the image of kissing him goodbye was seared inside her. She wanted to fracture herself into a million pieces and scatter herself across the sand, let it absorb her, let it transform her. Broken pieces of her, shaped into polished sea glass that captured the rising rays, smoothing her …

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Closer to the Sun

Petals, stems, and hair whipped by the wind Rooted beliefs and thoughts twirl and toss becoming a new language when blended with the ancient Protected knowledge penetrates skin, blood, and bones creating shivers and swells Wings yet to be given this is the final ascent Secrets decoded confusion quells when the wind calms and the …

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He Sketched Her ~ IV (flash fiction)

Time may have erased his photographic memory, but it did not temper his punctuality. Garreth arrived twenty minutes before the full moon’s expected appearance. He was relieved to find the ten-year-old bench near Pier 33 empty. He had spent the day considering what he might say if he found their favorite resting place occupied with …

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Launching pad

Opinions scribbled on stones, impossible to read when you're flying with your eyes toward the sun. Tossed-about opinions erased by the elements. 🌅✌🏻 -Michele my image, Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado © 2023 MyInspiredLife

How did I end up here?

A bare-chested man flashed me a peace sign while his lady friend bounced to jams. Ears plugged with song, an older lady, shuffling along with her best friend, missed my hello. His rhythmic feet pounding the pavement, smiles exchanged between a fit man and me. A slow-moving goose didn’t seem to mind my following – …

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Early Bird

With my eyes closed, I can fly. I can soar, high above the views that people spent millions for. First, I must ground myself. 🧘🏻‍♀️ Wishing you a healthy week. 🌞 ~Michele my image, Solana Beach, California © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Ripples in the Deep

Come to me with a full thimble or a leaking pail, either will do How you arrive is less important than what transpires between me and you Under armor, dull I see your potential Your tarnished shield will shine and your edges, once blunt, will now delicately slice through limiting beliefs and life's limitless nonsense …

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Toes in clovers, imagination soaring

Their hands are little for only a little while Hold them finger paint with them             play jacks with them Teach them how to hold             a kite rope and how to jump rope Let them hold worms and ladybugs             and pick clovers Show by example that hands are a heart’s             messenger with endless ways to create …

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