a Curiouser and Curiouser night

Answering to Alice A fantastical story, first read through child’s eyes meeting a white rabbit and a girl, simple and polite following a rabbit down a hole, curious she was, if not bright swishing past cupboards and bookshelves, tumbling into make-believe falling with her, down a long tunnel and in my childhood dreams into a …

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Exciting News to Share!

No, it is not Saturday, but I have some exciting news to share. Our second Being a Woman poetry collection is now available! Wait, there’s more … the first collection, Being a Woman – Overcoming is now available as an eBook. I have been busy creating options for your woman-poetry-reading-palette. Poem from Being a Woman …

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A Celebration Under Lights

Three days ago, August 5th, I celebrated my one-year blog anniversary. During the morning of my blog anniversary I published an eBook with twenty-five poems from my blog, along with one photograph from each post (link below), and then I digitally shared my eBook and anniversary accomplishment with friends and family. If not for COVID …

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Being a Woman – Chapbook Release

Being a Woman - Overcoming Poetry Collection by Michele Lee SeftonIllustrations by Sammi LeeLink to Collection The Story Behind Poetry Collection One - "Overcoming" Last fall I wrote a poem about a moment in middle school when I was humiliated by a teacher who told me, just before taking a group photo, “move to the …

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Early Morning Whispers

Whispers from an Early Morning Angel ~ a Poem by Michele Lee Sefton Feelings of love and fragmented visions. I knew you before I met you. Little Angel Spirit, introducing your intentions before you took your first breath.