Lifeguard on Duty

I am doing fine. I know. You are brave and you are strong, but in currents you can’t see, there’s a riptide that’s stronger than your bravery. I won’t carry you and you won’t drown me; we will both hold on to that which floats and side by side we will conquer the changing sea. …

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Sun fractures darkness

the further I drove, the closer I got to me distance restored my equilibrium and my regard for humanity traveling toward ten thousand stars only one needed to make a wish not on the brightest,             but on one that stood out                   make a wish, I did I held tight to that wish, I did everything …

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Destination unknown

A single point briefly suspended Expansion in every direction Pilgrims prepare for the next voyage Surrender to the unknown their only luggage Ancestral stories folded within become newly formed Welcome to 2023. Enjoy the journey! 💗 Michele Photos: my images, Solana Beach, California © 2022 MyInspiredLife

Golden Pink Gone

At least a dozen Happy Hours are just down the road; a theme and special for every liking. Attractive and peppy attempting to lure people into their brand of happy. “No thank you, I have somewhere else to be.” The hue is changing, I must move quickly. Cheers to their form of happy – pouring, …

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Intersection of three passions

When a hummingbird buzzed near my ear, making my hair lift during my morning meditation in the desert, I had a feeling I might be in for a special day. I was correct. I joined ten other women at a trailhead outside of Tucson yesterday morning. We hiked our way to a beautiful destination, then …

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Return to Breath

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous week. 🧘🏻‍♀️💗✌🏻 Michele Need more meditation inspiration than my title offers? Visit my post, "Your Morning Glow (audio poem)" my photo from Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain

Outlined in the distance, its powerful presence has been a vision to admire, even worship; not a painting I thought to fold myself into, especially when the setting sun transforms the mountain of stone into a majestic goddess. From my knees, I would praise, but never once have I thought myself worthy of such magnificence. …

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Wild Wings! (video)

Oh, wild creature! You remind me that along the manicured green and the rows of conformity seen, wild still exists! You waken my being and energize my soul. On your wild wings, I will soar! Hawks offer great symbolism for me. They represent many qualities and remind me to stay observant. It is not …

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Easily Entertained (poem & video)

For a stretched moment we are not our voices discussing         aging parents,            men,               kids,                  politics,                     and relationships we are not our choices that leave us         pondering,            questioning,               understanding,                  revising,                     and releasing we are who we’ve always been – playful spirits hushed by life’s demands we found each other again – laughing at life’s silly shit …

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Roam Free

I drank from a water fountain that quenched me as a kid. Much lower to the ground than I remember. (The fountain, not me!) circa late 70s, early 80s... Small hands released warm water gurgles that thirsty mouths slurped up. Impatient voices from the sweaty line behind shouted, “Hurry Up!” We were little squirmy gerbils …

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