To her I return

An early lesson in trust, I found with her when she buoyed my body and calmed my mind in dark waters that hid more than they shared where the tips of my toes dared to stretch for the unknown that lived beneath She taught me how to still a tongue that had a lifetime of …

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Launching pad

Opinions scribbled on stones, impossible to read when you're flying with your eyes toward the sun. Tossed-about opinions erased by the elements. 🌅✌🏻 -Michele my image, Cherry Creek State Park, Colorado © 2023 MyInspiredLife

If I Could

If I could I would transform my body into a sailboat large enough to transport enslaved humans to a place where they can be free If I could I would transform             my limbs into a sturdy mast             my hair into wind-worthy sails             my back into a protective keel             my hands into a reliable helm             my …

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Soft Landing

I will encourage you to fly and cheer you on when you choose to soar. I will ask the changing winds to grant you gentle favors. When you need a companion, I will spread my wings and fly with you. When your wings grow weary and need a rest, I will be your soft landing. …

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On the edge

Being on the edge can be many things, including where hope finds its way in. ✨ Bask in it. ✌🏻 ~ Michele my image, La Jolla, California © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Shake things Up

Shaken for several generations Longer than any of us can remember Always the same scene captivating A final shake made the globe break Familiar scene fractured predictability shattered Magic poured out into the streets Some cried over the loss of same Others rejoiced We are free! Once made, snow globes never change. Unlike the big, …

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Passing the Playground

I passed her on the playground I was once her Someday she’ll be me She was pushing a giggling girl in a fastened seat I watched Bouncing pig tails and kicking feet I smiled at her She smiled at me I wanted to pause my walk and tell her all I’ve learned along my motherly …

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Tucson Road Trip – Part I (video)

The stillness swept over me before I stepped inside. The rush of the city miles behind me. A lone hawk slowly descends in a swooping circle, riding the wind. The scent of desert rain and creosote, I breathe in. The only sound is the crunch of gravel underfoot. I step across the threshold. The rush …

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A Story Set Free (audio poem)

A Story Set Free - Audio Poem They whisper and wait, the stories that exist inside of me. I write about what once was, to release them, to set them free. Elusive details captured on a page. My blank messenger conspires with me, coaxing the story out of hiding, and snaring it for others to …

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Get Lost

Three years ago, today, I registered for a WordPress site and a few days later I published my first post. I cannot believe three years have passed since I began my creative blog venture! ✍🏻📷💃🏻🗣️ 🥳 To celebrate my special milestone, several days next week I will be sharing a few favorites from my archives …

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