There’s gold in them thar hills! (photos & audio poems)

Gold Rush by Michele Lee The buzz has begun like bees scouting for nectar no golden honey will be forthcoming it is breathtaking beauty these scouts are after wildflower enthusiasts are exploring the trails and dancing in fields decorated with colorful petals placed there, not by human hands, but by birds and the wind ******* …

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Melting point

On the fourth day the far-reaching fog lifted rushing bodies become silhouettes at sunset eyes witness the melting of gold into one single point origin and destiny fold Photos: my images, Christmas sunset, Solana Beach, California © 2022 MyInspiredLife

Sunflower Structure (audio poem)

Sunflower Structure - audio poem Your yellow gone your seeds mostly released the few that remained fascinated me Torn, I was, between wanting to pluck each one crack them open and swallow them whole or leave each shell in its protective bed perfectly secure I found you fallen from your tall sturdy stem no sign …

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