Eve’s Last Evening (flash fiction w/audio)

Eve's Last Evening - Flash Fiction w/audio She is a contrast in emotions. In life choices. Opposites that pull at Eve's brain, that sometimes pull her apart. One half of her brain fighting fiercely to live. To achieve. To win. The other half of her brain pulling her into a dark frozen forest. Pulling her …

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Twilight’s First Blush

There was a time when I bathed in a certain magic found only during the twilight hours. A stillness. A soft pinkness. An advantage over the sleepers, sleeping away the most enchanting part of the day. I was a witness to the sun’s first appearance with eyes not rested from the night before. Eyes, glistening …

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I Hear the Quiet Outside

I heard silence in place of the bell that continued to ring, although no children were nearby to hear it sing. The constant chiming, reminding me many things over the last three weeks, now quiet. The silence that remains inspired the following lines.