Autumn Delivers

After a long delay, I was finally able to spend some time with my daughter, who lives 1,200 miles away. We shared many special moments during my nine-day stay, that ended yesterday on a chilly afternoon. Revisiting her hugs, laughs, and beautiful town, cannot come too soon. The following poem, “Autumn Delivers” is dedicated to …

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A Celebration Under Lights

Three days ago, August 5th, I celebrated my one-year blog anniversary. During the morning of my blog anniversary I published an eBook with twenty-five poems from my blog, along with one photograph from each post (link below), and then I digitally shared my eBook and anniversary accomplishment with friends and family. If not for COVID …

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Let Your Voice be Heard (audio poems)

Reading aloud and recording my poems over the last two weeks has reminded me how much I miss reading stories and poems to high school students. So, with that joy in mind, I will continue speaking into my phone and sharing my recorded lines. I have selected two previously published poems to share with you …

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I Hear the Quiet Outside

I heard silence in place of the bell that continued to ring, although no children were nearby to hear it sing. The constant chiming, reminding me many things over the last three weeks, now quiet. The silence that remains inspired the following lines.

Making a Difference During this Fragmented Existence

Like everyone, I am over this virus business and want so much to move along, but I fear, in the U.S., we may be at the start of what is not a sprint, but a marathon. Because writing helps me process life and keep a level head, I once again find myself sharing words that …

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A Tattered Poem

I am not an alarmist, but please know, if COVID-19 finds me and it is my time to go, how much I enjoy sharing my words and photos. Writing poetry seems frivolous during a time that has become so serious, but perhaps, a few more poems can help lift us. A Tattered Poem She held …

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