There’s gold in them thar hills! (photos & audio poems)

Gold Rush by Michele Lee The buzz has begun like bees scouting for nectar no golden honey will be forthcoming it is breathtaking beauty these scouts are after wildflower enthusiasts are exploring the trails and dancing in fields decorated with colorful petals placed there, not by human hands, but by birds and the wind ******* …

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Stewards of the Earth (extended tour)

You are always there for me;               when life gets too heavy, and the burdens too much It is you I can turn to It is you who restores, wholly It is you, I will return to Mother Earth my healer ******** Additional photos added since first published (February 18, 2023). Enjoy the groovy sounds …

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Return to Breath

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous week. 🧘🏻‍♀️💗✌🏻 Michele Need more meditation inspiration than my title offers? Visit my post, "Your Morning Glow (audio poem)" my photo from Superstition Mountain

Motherly Strength (poem w/audio)

"Motherly Strength" Audio Motherly Strength Turn and see an ancestral parade of women standing strong Delivering the next hand to hold, the next tale to be told Surviving unbelievable stories of hardship and endurance Beginning with the most miraculous of all – the journey of birth An expanding line of women, too many to name, …

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