Sharing more Love (poem & video)

I did not know he was breathing me in, during the blackest night of my soul. Quietly, he did tiptoe, night after night after night. Boldy, he did lean close, breathing in my rhythm, my joy. Note after note after note, peeling away my songs; making my music his own. Skilled precision, no remorse. Waking …

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A Detour & A Desert Dance (personal poetic prose)

Consider, how far you’ve come and how, with your face to the sun and with one foot in front of the other, you will get where and what you are intended. A detour on my way to a three-day desert escape… With my car idling, I was a stranger outside looking in. Beyond the (once …

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Please let me dance again

Several weeks ago, I submitted a story to Dr. Phoebe’s site ( and I am pleased to share, the piece was published last Friday, April 9th. My submission is a personal story about a few seconds that almost drastically altered how I move through life. Sharing the experience stirs vulnerability in me, but I chose …

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Notorious RBG

Her class rankings and Law Review positions, if held by a man would surely impress; she was finally hired as a clerk with a U.S. District Judge who begrudgingly said yes. She walked away from lesser pay in the United States to research and write in a foreign land, then came back even more determined. …

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Engine 34

they studied they trained tested they were Just like the men fighting fires saving lives prepared they are Just like the men dedicated service courageous acts each shift brings Another day for them neither brave acts nor lives saved brought the cameras Filming the four of them vacations observed schedules adjusted caused a firehouse stir …

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Being a Woman calls for a Celebration!

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Being a Woman – Forthcoming

Separated by state borders when the pandemic hijacked our lives - my view is of saguaro cacti, her view is of tall pines. Poems, illustrations, and shared files would bring us together and shorten the miles. A mother-daughter collaboration that began with lines I wrote in the fall of 2019, after a teenage memory was …

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