“Lifting the Fog” (a special spotlight)

Lifting the Fog by Charles Schilling Here I am.           Here I lie.           Here I stay,           And here I’ll die           Here I dwell           Here I hold;           Here I live           Or so I am told.           Here I think.           Here I’ll call.           Here I’ll stand,           And here I’ll fall.           Here in the quiet           I can think.           In this …

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Your Morning Glow (audio poem)

Your Morning Glow (audio poem) Toward you, my eyes are fixed Toward you, my hands extend Alone in the dark, I wait, I rest my tired eyes You change and disappear, but on you, I can always depend Eyes still closed, but the third one knows – You have arrived Many things come between us …

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I Hear the Quiet Outside

I heard silence in place of the bell that continued to ring, although no children were nearby to hear it sing. The constant chiming, reminding me many things over the last three weeks, now quiet. The silence that remains inspired the following lines.