To her I return

An early lesson in trust, I found with her when she buoyed my body and calmed my mind in dark waters that hid more than they shared where the tips of my toes dared to stretch for the unknown that lived beneath She taught me how to still a tongue that had a lifetime of …

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Night falls, dreams rise ~ Part II

Night falls (Part I) Dreams rise (Part II) In dresses stitched with stardust sequins, Venus and I twirled through the heavens while the winking moon hypnotized us with his sensual tunes. A suspended asteroid, formed from dense iron and glimmers of gold, became our pool when we discovered its most precious compound: water. Our bodies …

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Night falls, dreams rise

I sang a song with Venus. I offered a wish to the waxing moon. I pondered the vast darkness. I am diving into the deepness where my guide awaits – the weaver of dreams, the spinner of fates. ✨ Make a wish! ~ Michele my image, Venus and the waxing crescent, southwestern skies (5/22) 🌙 …

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Sacred center

Time, patience, and plenty of practice ~ worth the sweet reward. 🌼🧘🏻‍♀️✌🏻 ~Michele my image, Lost Dutchman State Park © 2023 MyInspiredLife


beyond the desert thirsty longings quenched by a waterfall of stars 🌠🌠🌠 Written for Fake Flamenco's May poetry challenge: write a haiku using the phrase "waterfall of stars" my image, Lost Dutchman State Park, Sonoran Desert © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Candy Apple Red

There she goes bumping down the road wrapped in candy apple red Silverado short bed windows down, music up blond lift held with Aqua Net Nice truck! more than one said not talking wheels, I suspect She complements her spring birth month bull strength and stubbornness She’s no bull in a china shop though with …

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Real can’t be rushed

Busy hands can amuse a longing heart –             a tuck and twist here                         a fold there a little time and a lot of paper mâché can craft dull surroundings into colorful abundance The heart may applaud the attempt by pumping more blood through veins             but don’t be fooled                         the heart is no fool It is …

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Tangled Flower Moon

Goodnight from the Sonoran Desert. 🌵 my image, Flower Moon 🪷 © 2023 MyInspiredLife

The Descent

In the Valley below I know how to blend – slipped on heels in place of laced hiking shoes, a (curved) pencil skirt, business blouse, and polished presentation             Sure, I know how to blend in with the tribe,             hustling, bustling, and brain muscling. With just enough preparation I would be a pleasant addition             in any …

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Closer to the Sun

Petals, stems, and hair whipped by the wind Rooted beliefs and thoughts twirl and toss becoming a new language when blended with the ancient Protected knowledge penetrates skin, blood, and bones creating shivers and swells Wings yet to be given this is the final ascent Secrets decoded confusion quells when the wind calms and the …

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