the second before a metamorphosis

The protective veil is gone I felt it leave             fierce it tore, like a commanding lover burning violet flames in his core I could do nothing to stop the veil from slipping                       away only a second to say farewell             to all I’d clung to                   to all I’d known only a second to prepare for …

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Melting point

On the fourth day the far-reaching fog lifted rushing bodies become silhouettes at sunset eyes witness the melting of gold into one single point origin and destiny fold Photos: my images, Christmas sunset, Solana Beach, California © 2022 MyInspiredLife

Golden Pink Gone

At least a dozen Happy Hours are just down the road; a theme and special for every liking. Attractive and peppy attempting to lure people into their brand of happy. “No thank you, I have somewhere else to be.” The hue is changing, I must move quickly. Cheers to their form of happy – pouring, …

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A Heart Speaks

There is an average size to the human heart – a few ounces more if it pumps life through a man compared to a woman, or grams if that’s your method of measurement, though some things cannot be measured, and one size does not fit all. How can a heart weigh less compared to other …

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Intersection of three passions

When a hummingbird buzzed near my ear, making my hair lift during my morning meditation in the desert, I had a feeling I might be in for a special day. I was correct. I joined ten other women at a trailhead outside of Tucson yesterday morning. We hiked our way to a beautiful destination, then …

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Return to Breath

Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous week. 🧘🏻‍♀️💗✌🏻 Michele Need more meditation inspiration than my title offers? Visit my post, "Your Morning Glow (audio poem)" my photo from Superstition Mountain

Superstition Mountain

Outlined in the distance, its powerful presence has been a vision to admire, even worship; not a painting I thought to fold myself into, especially when the setting sun transforms the mountain of stone into a majestic goddess. From my knees, I would praise, but never once have I thought myself worthy of such magnificence. …

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Sweet and Fierce is She

Hers is a heart of extremes; rare it seems. Two atriums pumping independently: sweetly and fiercely, blood merges into one life force. Buried under skin and bone is the source. Never trapped, never contained; her heart extends to the edge of the universe. In its chambers, lives two: a gentle child safeguarded from corruption and …

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Southwest Sunshine

The wintery scenes that come across my screen remind me that it is winter… somewhere. Thank you, to the photographers who have shared winter wonder dreams from across the northern hemisphere. I cannot offer you any of those photos, but I can offer a sampling of southwest sunshine to those who need to shake off …

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Passion in the Park (poem, photos, & live music)

Toward him my heart turned when I heard his words,       “With your hand in mine,       we can walk through any space and time       and leave behind       this crawl space with its narrow mind       we can’t deny what we’ve been searching for, for all our lives       yes, you and I, with love wings we can fly…” …

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