Be Brilliant (photos)

Thank you for visiting. Be well. 💗 Michele Photos: my Chihuly glass images taken at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, AZ Find more of my photos, micropoetry, and reels on Instagram ~ @mlsefton click image to preview third poetry collection © 2022 MyInspiredLife

Walk with me

Take my hand and walk with me along this path of uncertainty. You will point at the spikey thorns and remind me to watch my step. I will point at the sky and together we will linger on a hawk, free falling. We will witness majestic wings spread, effortlessly riding the winds. Silently, we will …

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Feeling the Squeeze

Over seven million people call the land of the five Cs home. Copper, cattle, cotton, climate, and citrus- the economic foundation that drove the 48th state's early days. Long before copper was used as a conductor of electricity or European settlers began digging for precious metals across this desert land, Native Americans used the pinkish-orange …

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Southwest Sunshine

The wintery scenes that come across my screen remind me that it is winter… somewhere. Thank you, to the photographers who have shared winter wonder dreams from across the northern hemisphere. I cannot offer you any of those photos, but I can offer a sampling of southwest sunshine to those who need to shake off …

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Desert Blooms

An office with a window view has been transformed into a garden, thanks to you. Spring has ushered in a month of sharing what Divinity has so graciously given. Colors and fragrance burst from my screen, flooding my senses and drawing me in. I pause, I gaze, I smile, I breathe. I pluck one from …

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Saturday Shorts – Sonoran Sunshine

Welcome to the third installment of my "Saturday Shorts." Today's shorts include true tales from the Sonoran Desert, helpful tips on how to survive the scorching "dry" heat, and a bonus short, just for fun. It may be cooling down elsewhere, but it is still very hot in my lovely state - we are now …

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