Sacred center

Time, patience, and plenty of practice ~ worth the sweet reward. 🌼🧘🏻‍♀️✌🏻 ~Michele my image, Lost Dutchman State Park © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Love language

He painted her toes sandy. Blending all the elements, she wrote his name in the shape of devotion. The heavens responded ~ turning the sky into his fiery passion and the sea into her pulsing rhythm. 💞 ✨✌🏻✨ ~Michele my image, Solana Beach, California © 2023 MyInspiredLife

Ripples in the Deep

Come to me with a full thimble or a leaking pail, either will do How you arrive is less important than what transpires between me and you Under armor, dull I see your potential Your tarnished shield will shine and your edges, once blunt, will now delicately slice through limiting beliefs and life's limitless nonsense …

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A Story Set Free (audio poem)

A Story Set Free - Audio Poem They whisper and wait, the stories that exist inside of me. I write about what once was, to release them, to set them free. Elusive details captured on a page. My blank messenger conspires with me, coaxing the story out of hiding, and snaring it for others to …

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Little Secret

This poem, "Little Secret," is from my second poetry collection, Being a Woman - Becoming, illustrated by artist Sammi Lee. This version has been modified from my original poem, including additional lines added at the end. This is my empowered collection written with young adults in mind, however, this poem and the others contained in …

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Speak Directly, Please and Thank you

Directly speaking, I have great respect for those who can be direct. It elevates communication and is an admirable gift to mankind, when one can speak their mind and state their truths while holding emotions in check. Friendly exchanges, chit chat, laughter, and play have their place, but if one needs to deliver an important …

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