Paper Bricks for Pages Blank

Dog-eared corners and worn spines on thousands I’ve stepped One after another a path of books created a foundation for me to explore, learn, and connect Along a path of paper bricks I’ve stepped Into valleys that attempt to turn lost souls into prisoners the words of others did comfort and protect Across stages where …

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There’s gold in them thar hills! (photos & audio poems)

Gold Rush by Michele Lee The buzz has begun like bees scouting for nectar no golden honey will be forthcoming it is breathtaking beauty these scouts are after wildflower enthusiasts are exploring the trails and dancing in fields decorated with colorful petals placed there, not by human hands, but by birds and the wind ******* …

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A Sweet Love Story

My true story begins with a change in airplane seats… Before boarding a flight for Oregon last week, I was surprised to receive a text message indicating that my seat had changed from 8F to 4F. How odd, I thought, but at least I was moving up in the world. I boarded the plane and …

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Pink Petals and Horse Power (w/audio poem)

"Say this of Horses" by Minnie Hite, reading by Michele Lee "Say this of Horses" by Minnie Hite Moody Across the ages they come thundering On faithful hoofs, the horses man disowns. Their velvet eyes are wide with wondering; They whinny down the wind in silver tones Vibrant with all the bulges of old wars; …

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Winding Road now Within (video)

I stood at the end of the winding road. Facing her, I admired her curves and tree-lined slopes. Before stepping away, I stretched my arms toward her lifegiving display, drawing in the uplifting energy she so graciously gave during my mountain stay. Like an entire universe contained on the top of a pin, I will …

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Traveling a Winding Road

Losing myself and finding myself, at the same time. How contradictory. How sublime. Have you experienced this? Do you understand? Maybe you felt it when touched by your lover’s gentle hand. Maybe it was revealed while you were pursuing your passions, allowing your mind to release all attachments. Maybe it spoke to you through words …

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Two Windblown Beings

On our last Sunday hike, I was met with a warm breeze, and for just a moment, it brought with it a memory of being a dusty girl who was innocent, wild, and free.