A Note to Nina and Betty

Why it took me searching for a protest song over eight years ago to find you, Nina Simone, I will never know. Of course, I know the answer to my rhetorical question. Your absence from musical rotations and from historical discussions (and from acceptance into the Institute of Music in Philadelphia in the 1950s) is …

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Being a Woman calls for a Celebration!

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Being a Woman – Forthcoming

Separated by state borders when the pandemic hijacked our lives - my view is of saguaro cacti, her view is of tall pines. Poems, illustrations, and shared files would bring us together and shorten the miles. A mother-daughter collaboration that began with lines I wrote in the fall of 2019, after a teenage memory was …

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Through My Daughter’s Eyes

If you are an artist, you might see yourself in my piece about an artist finding her way. However you choose to express yourself in this world, I hope my post inspires you to listen to your inner guidance and to walk your own path. If you have the most important charge of parenting or …

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Being a Woman – Chapbook Release

Being a Woman - Overcoming Poetry Collection by Michele Lee SeftonIllustrations by Sammi LeeLink to Collection The Story Behind Poetry Collection One - "Overcoming" Last fall I wrote a poem about a moment in middle school when I was humiliated by a teacher who told me, just before taking a group photo, β€œmove to the …

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Motherly Strength (poem w/audio)

"Motherly Strength" Audio Motherly Strength Turn and see an ancestral parade of women standing strong Delivering the next hand to hold, the next tale to be told Surviving unbelievable stories of hardship and endurance Beginning with the most miraculous of all – the journey of birth An expanding line of women, too many to name, …

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